Ways to Buy Stuff.

This blog is going to talk about a variety of things related to buying!

I love to shop.  This blog is meant to offer you guidance in shopping.

So let’s get started!

Where do you shop?

Well, that sometimes depends on your personality.  If you’re the anti-social and just getter’ done type of person, then you will likely be most happy just ordering things from home.

There are two ways (that I can think of) that you can order stuff at home.  (You can even order medicine and Groceries and have it dropped of at your doorstep)

1. Get yourself a computer and get on the web.  Online shopping is HUGE.  You can find coupons, shop for bargains and save a ton of time and gas than what would be if you had to drive to each separate store.  This is my favorite way of shopping.  Although I have my antisocial moments, don’t get me wrong here….I like shopping in malls and stores too just so I can kind of watch and observe people too.

My love for online shopping is because of ease of use and the stinkin’ great bargains you can find.  They are phenomenal if you know how to do it (that will be an upcoming post).

2. Catalogue Phone Orders.  Yes…this still exists.  Things like Avon , Mary Kay and Crate and Barrell….they all have catalogues you can browse and then order from.

Land’s End was famous for it and L.L. Bean still sends me stuff in the mail.

Mail Order or phone orders are fun because you can sit on the couch and take a sharpie or highlighter and circle everything you like.  Then…you can order it or you can save a ton of money  and forget that you did it… like I do half the time.

The only other type of shopping I can think of?

Showing up at the mall or store and browsing the items.  Yes, you have to deal with people, however, you get to handle the objects and see it on a three dimensional level.

Pricing Businesses

It can be difficult to discover precisely what and what not to bill for when starting your own bouncy castle hire company. Finally you need to cover your costs and ensure you happen to be charging enough to make a profit. You must be attractively priced so that you just secure bookings that were enough.
The following are a few significant pricing concerns which might help you to identify your costs and pricing structure.


Naturally your company will eventually have bouncy castles of sizes that are different, because of the cost of bigger inflatables, equipment charging for a larger item is advisable.

Depending upon your delivery capabilities and variety of booking you may want to think about billing for different time periods , for instance you may want to really have a day rate as well as a half day rate. You may even want to think about when the booking wishes to keep the inflatable overnight charging additional.

It is usually around the 10 miles mark although the meaning of the local region is up to you.

You may choose to bill in numerous manners if you are taking bookings; you could take deposits, leave payment until the day or require the money up front. You can even request a deposit throughout the day to secure your investment although the terms of your hire agreement should cover this.

You may also need to supply distinct charges for private parties or for business customers although that is discretionary. Also, you may even need to put in a surcharge for weddings, particularly if this requires particular effort.

In case you end up supervising a lot of celebrations then it cannot be inadvisable to charge an hourly rate for this service.

In case you would like to offer an incentive for charities and businesses you can provide a profit share scheme or donate a specific percentage of your profits to the charity at the conclusion of the day.

Instead you are able to go down the “all inclusive” course and charge one price for every kind of castle and describe exactly what the entire service contains. This is really an effective strategy which has been used by many companies in marketplaces where charges might be confusing.

All these are some of the considerations you have to think about when making a pricing structure. Your pricing structure ensuring that you simply won’t make a loss on the booking, only gains along with yet must be concise and clear.

Business Safety Tips

Children adore new things, they get amazing fun, as well as a day that’ll be memorable. It’s also about the cheapest approach to celebrate a family, a fun day or a birthday or even for simple get together.

Just how can you make your business the safest possible?

1. Be sure to hire your work from a company that is reputable; their bouncy castle is in good order and continues to be fabricated to current security standards.

2. Ask the company for guidance on the most effective place to build the castle and be sure they fix it correctly to the ground with metal pegs.

3. Do not use the bouncy castle in high winds. Bouncy castles are not especially safe on windy days, when failures and blow overs could cause devastating injuries.

4. Make sure that the hire business are insured and that they can supply a replica of the insurance certification to you and that your own household insurance is updated.

5. Ensure do not let users climb on the walls, and that when kids are using the fortress which you supply adult supervision at ALL times, never let the castle to be overcrowded.

And, always bear in mind that this is NOT a baby sitter for your children.

If a company has an annual safety test certification for every one of their work as well as a notice on the right or left side of the bouncy castle, then they will inform you the maximum amount of users for that bouncy castle at any one time.

6. Above all use common sense. Some people are of the opinion that slides are safer than bouncing castles, and have different thoughts concerning the security aspects of various inflatables like interactive inflatable games, obstacle courses, water slides, enclosed bouncers and gladiator beds, but we are of the view that in the end it all comes down to common sense.

Some companies advertise to employ adults of ages and for any type of party. Well that is their business as well as your business if you hire one. But while not needing to be a spoil sport, it’s our considered opinion that you should not try to enjoy inflatables and alcohol at the same time as it can be very dangerous. Everyone is safe when you use your common sense when utilizing a bouncing castle at a children’s party. If we do this we can have a terrific day.

Everyone needs order to distinguish between insured responsible and / uninsured / non- responsible companies. There will be many companies offering very cheap prices for hire – but often the cheapest is not necessarily the safest.