Signs that denote your online shopping site is secure

Online shopping is becoming a popular trend of purchasing various products and services at a discount rate. It also reduces the stress of standing in queue to obtain discount for any seasonal sale. However, with the increase in cyber crimes you need to be ascertained that the site your are using is completely secured. You can yourself verify simply following the instructions below:

  • No unauthorized mail: Renowned retailers will not forward you advance mails before signing with their official sites. You need to be much serious when you receive such mails in the names of banks and other retailers because they may be faked for obtaining money from you. Usually avoid responding to such mails and always contact the main office of the retailers for additional confirmations.
  • Has privacy policy: Trusted sites always assure to protect your private and financial information from third party interference. So while clicking any site you must first read its privacy statement before signing with it. In case there is no privacy policy mentioned you must not proceed further. Fake sites always try to extract your personal information and so beware.
  • Must have contact and office address: Genuine retailers always post their contact and office address for the benefit of the users. With many fake sites in operation if you find that there is no contact and office address just exit from it instantly. Such sites would not be available to replace your damaged product with new one.
  • Accept credit card: Legitimate retail sites always ask for credit card besides, debit card for secured payment. If you find that any particular site is asking for payment via debit card only then it is not a genuine one. Because fake sites never follow any legal procedure for smooth transactions.